Gifts: The tools to Reflect. A Guide Towards Self-love.

2016-01-18 21.13.16
God has an amazing and creative way to share gifts with us. Today, spirit did it again and gave me an abundance of gifts to start out 2016 with.  First, I was blessed to see another year (made it to 30, I’m a big kid now!) and spend that time with family and friends. Second, I got accepted to graduate school and started last week.  Third, I was in attendance at an amazing and uplifting Queens Round Table conference entitled “Reclaim Your Crown,” which also included two workshops.

From that awesome workshop, I took a lot of important and powerful messages with me today.  I was reminded that, in spite of all that I do or plan to do to hold down my kingdom, it is important for me to find balance and take care of myself.

Man, I needed that reminder!

There was also one question that arose during the workshop that I really wanted to reflect on and journal about this evening. That question was, “what are three things you appreciate about yourself?”  It’s a very important question and, to be honest, it was a hard one for me. After reflecting on it, I was only able to answer two and that’s okay right now. I’m aware now and will do a better job to think about myself in a positive light and not focus so much on the negatives or what I used to consider to be “weaknesses.”  It is absolutely imperative that we understand the importance of growth. However,  growth can be achieved in a more positive way, whilst highlighting the best in myself at all times.

What are three things that I appreciate about myself?

1. I appreciate the fact that I’m ever-changing.
For so many years people made me feel like I was all over the place. I was told things like:
“You like too many things.”
“Focus on one thing.”
“Girl, what are you getting yourself into now.”
These few quotes would constantly circle my mental and keep me stagnant.   It took me a long time to remove the toxic words out of my psyche and to appreciate this part of me. I’m in love with many things and that’s okay! I’m always willing to learn and grow and with growth comes change. I’m always finding ways to elevate myself. I started out as a blank canvas. As I go through life, I’m adding many colors to my canvas.  I started with the basic primary colors.  From those primary colors, I’m creating more colors and from that creation, I’m creating more and so forth.  Some may interpret my canvas as a colorful mess, but there’s beauty in my mess!  There’s an artistic quality to it and, even more importantly, it’s my canvas and I hold the paint brush!

2. I’m in love with love!
I freaking love, love. I love humans, animals,  plants, this earth, the galaxy, I just freaking love everything. I also love to forgive. Not only because it’s the right thing to do for the world, but because it’s very important to forgive for myself. Why? Well, I need peace within. We all do. How can I move forward with love and through life when there is no peace within? If there is no enemy within, then no enemy outside of me can interfere with my peace.

Thank you Valencia and for the rest of the amazing women who’ve helped turn this  workshop into food for my soul.
Bless Queens

10 Ways You Can Support Your Cause


  1. Reflect. Start with the person you see in the mirror. Work on yourself so you can organically work on your community.
  2. Action.Sharing your opinion via social media is great. It is even better when your actions supports your words!
  3. Awareness.Social media is a great outlet for spreading awareness. Spread awareness every chance you get! Share videos and pictures pertaining to your cause. Write about it and give as much information so that others can support it as well.
  4. Support.Research businesses, programs, organizations and community events that support your cause. Utilize some of your time and money towards them. Use social media and word of mouth to market each entity you are supporting.
  5. Read.Don’t just follow what’s trending. Truly awaken yourself and read more about your cause so that you can understand what you are fighting for.
  6. Vote.If you believe the government system is unfair, then cast your vote for the different positions in government: local, state, and federal.
  7. Build. Try to collectively clean your community. Don’t forget to tell your neighbors to stop contributing to polluting their own community as well!
  8. Teach. “It takes a village to raise a child” – African Proverb. Teachers inside and outside the classroom can work together to teach the leaders of tomorrow. We can also teach and guide each other through intellectual conversations. Let’s help each other to open our third eye!
  9. Respect.During this time of despair people are filled with emotions and are passionate about their opinions. It’s great to have debates, however, remember who you are fighting against!
  10. Love. Be patient and spread love.