Say Baby…

“Say baby, can I be your slave?
I’ve got to admit girl, your the shit girl
And I am digging you like a grave

Now do they call you daughter to the Spinning Pulsar
Or maybe Queen of 10,000 Moons, Sister to the distant yet
Rising star

Is your name Yemaya? Oh hell nah, it’s got to be Oshun”

Goddess of Expression

As long as we are still on this Earth, we owe it to ourselves and those who are no longer with us to be GREAT! We owe it to our communities to be financially supportive. We owe it to ourselves and our ancestors to go back to our African spirituality. Yes, we are magical and they fear us. Our spirituality is so powerful even some of us fear to read into it.

What is happening and has been happening to us for years is heartbreaking and depressing. However, I’m using this to push myself even harder. My success in all areas in my life will make a difference.

We all are in this war together and we all have unique strengths to fight it together. I truly believe in us. Believing is what keeps me going. Believing is what keeps my spirit alive. Believing is what makes me think of solutions to beat these savages. Believing is what makes me love us more every single day. Believing is what keeps me sane.


Wrap It up

2016-06-10-15-18-11-381Hey beautiful Souls – It’s been awhile!  A lot has been going on in my life.  I needed some time to gather my thoughts and recharge (I will definitely write a separate “update” post). In the meantime, I wanted to share some photos from a photo shoot.  These images have been sitting in my computer since April!  Not cool Dom!




20160610_124127Photographer – Abe Eku Dress – H&M│Jacket – Thrifted│Sneakers – Cole Haan│Headwrap – Street Vendor in Harlem

A Wombman Kind of Love


The initiation has begun.

Take me to your source, the spring of all beginnings,
where I fill my cup with moon light,
burning away my insecurities,
facing my demons and my angels,
explore all the shades, valleys, dimensions of my shadowland
rediscovering my personal rituals of self-love,
dispelling the myths of female inferiority.
The mirror is no longer a pool of rage, guilt, and self-denial,
I can reflect positive self-images,
being more than a reflection of my mother, children, or lovers.
I can breathe deeply now,
breathing in my joy, hope, faith, and patience,
becoming the nurturing mother of my wounds,
breathing in the energies of the nurturing moon.
The daughter of the moon awakens,
I become the wild full moon dancer,
who is free at long last,
to rediscover the ancient rituals of self-love.
The pathway to my heart is open now.
I can now sing songs of love,
celebrating the awakening of my deep feelings,
sensual needs and sexual self-satisfaction.
I take care of the woman of my sea,
filling my cup with the deep waters of my soul,
becoming the wise queen of the moon.
~Marcia Moonstar

Fro Lovely: NUELE Product Review


For a long time I’ve been hesitant to blow out my hair because of the potential damage that heat can cause to my natural hair.  But after taking out my faux locs, I noticed all the new growth and I wanted to see the true length of my hair.  So, I decided to go forward with the blowout and I used NUELE as a heat protectant.

NUELE is an organic and natural moisturizer ideally used as a heat protectant for natural hair.  However, this product is definitely versatile.  Although it is comprised of a mixture of different oils (in the past, I was weary of using oil to blow out my hair), the product is very light and did not overheat.  My hair did not feel greasy or weighed down at all.  Following my blowout (on medium heat), I was amazed at the results.  As you can see from the photos, I was left with lustrous and bouncy hair!  This product definitely works as advertised and I’m so happy I gave it a shot!


What’s in the bottle?

Jojoba Oil, Rosemary Oil, Clary Sage, Fragrance, Moringa Oil, and Argan Oil

Overall, this product is very light.  If you have sensitivity to smell, don’t worry because the product actually has a natural rosemary and sage scent.  My hair felt extremely soft after blowing out my hair.  I also used it to re-twist my hair.

NUELE is retailed at 29.89 for their 4oz bottle.  A little goes a long way so this product will surely last a long time.

You can also find instructions on how to use the product on the bottle.  This product will definitely make waves in the natural community market soon.  Keep up with NUELE at, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

With Love,