Goddess of Expression

As long as we are still on this Earth, we owe it to ourselves and those who are no longer with us to be GREAT! We owe it to our communities to be financially supportive. We owe it to ourselves and our ancestors to go back to our African spirituality. Yes, we are magical and they fear us. Our spirituality is so powerful even some of us fear to read into it.

What is happening and has been happening to us for years is heartbreaking and depressing. However, I’m using this to push myself even harder. My success in all areas in my life will make a difference.

We all are in this war together and we all have unique strengths to fight it together. I truly believe in us. Believing is what keeps me going. Believing is what keeps my spirit alive. Believing is what makes me think of solutions to beat these savages. Believing is what makes me love us more every single day. Believing is what keeps me sane.


Wrap It up

2016-06-10-15-18-11-381Hey beautiful Souls – It’s been awhile!  A lot has been going on in my life.  I needed some time to gather my thoughts and recharge (I will definitely write a separate “update” post). In the meantime, I wanted to share some photos from a photo shoot.  These images have been sitting in my computer since April!  Not cool Dom!




20160610_124127Photographer – Abe Eku Dress – H&M│Jacket – Thrifted│Sneakers – Cole Haan│Headwrap – Street Vendor in Harlem

It’s your life: Really live it!

waterfall (2)

That is exactly what I tend to do.

Hello beautiful souls!  I finally found the courage to start my blog!  For over two years, all I dreamed of was sharing my thoughts and likes with the world. I always felt like I was not ready or was not good enough to blog – just two out of many excuses I used to create.  For starters, I am not a good writer but I love to write. Wait… there I go again, using negative language.  I’m going to try that again: I love to write and believe in myself and found the courage to just start sharing!

One thing that I have recognized was that I am my own worst enemy. I was the only person who did not allow my creative juices to flow and flourish. The question I had to ask myself was, “How long am I going to just dream about this and when will I actually start putting in the effort to live the life I want to live?”

Well, I finally decided to stop dreaming and start doing and so my journey in the world of blogging begins!

My goal is to motivate and encourage individuals to enjoy life, exude confidence, and live an overall healthy lifestyle all at the same time.  I want to create a platform where I can share all of my interests and perspectives on life with you. I hope that, through this blog, I can help individuals like myself – people who allow their anxiety and inhibitions to take over and spend enormous amounts of time over-thinking everything.  Let us break these barriers together and live the life we always wanted to live.  I’m remembering to put God first, take my health seriously and live my life to the fullest. There is no way I’m turning back now and you shouldn’t either.  Now let the journey begin!

With love,