I AM. The two most powerful words we can say or think. “I AM” precedes the subconscious beliefs that our conscious minds program us with, and shapes our reality. The phrase “I AM” can bring us joy or pain, success or failure, depending on how we use it. We are in control of our conscious mind. The mind does not necessarily control us. Therefore, feed your conscious mind with positive affirmations so that they may be stored in our subconscious thoughts and manifest in our reality. Remember, our subconscious mind is always obedient and ready to act on our command. How will you command it?

Below are some words you can use after “I AM.”

I AM great
I AM healthy
I AM wealthy
I AM spiritually rich
I AM connected to the divine
I AM a part of God and connect to the source
I AM living out loud
I AM a great writer
I AM an artist
I AM creating my masterpiece
I AM brilliant
I AM happy

With love,



MADE IN THE USA! (with some Caribbean flavor)

“There’s just something about having the right amount of coverage while still revealing your sexiness!”  – DS

That’s my idea behind creating the perfect cover-up.
Whether on the beach, at the pool, or even sporting a daring/edgy outfit for a special event, EVERY woman of EVERY shape and size is beautiful and should feel comfortable and sexy in her own skin.


Dominique Sadé Cover-ups

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