MADE IN THE USA! (with some Caribbean flavor)

“There’s just something about having the right amount of coverage while still revealing your sexiness!”  – DS

That’s my idea behind creating the perfect cover-up.
Whether on the beach, at the pool, or even sporting a daring/edgy outfit for a special event, EVERY woman of EVERY shape and size is beautiful and should feel comfortable and sexy in her own skin.


Dominique Sadé Cover-ups

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Her One Piece Wonder

(no correlation with One Hit Wonder lol)

The week leading up to the completion of fashion blogger Blake Von D’s custom swimsuit, I couldn’t help but to feel nervous. But when I read Blake Von D’s post about the custom piece I made for her, I was overwhelmed with bliss. She called it the One Piece Wonder. Read more about her reaction to the custom piece I made for her here.



IMG_1322-1copy IMG_1360-1The beautiful Blake Von D in a custom Dominique Sade swimsuit. This piece was embellished with Swarovski Crystals with a rhinestone jeweled applique on the shoulder.