10 Ways You Can Support Your Cause


  1. Reflect. Start with the person you see in the mirror. Work on yourself so you can organically work on your community.
  2. Action.Sharing your opinion via social media is great. It is even better when your actions supports your words!
  3. Awareness.Social media is a great outlet for spreading awareness. Spread awareness every chance you get! Share videos and pictures pertaining to your cause. Write about it and give as much information so that others can support it as well.
  4. Support.Research businesses, programs, organizations and community events that support your cause. Utilize some of your time and money towards them. Use social media and word of mouth to market each entity you are supporting.
  5. Read.Don’t just follow what’s trending. Truly awaken yourself and read more about your cause so that you can understand what you are fighting for.
  6. Vote.If you believe the government system is unfair, then cast your vote for the different positions in government: local, state, and federal.
  7. Build. Try to collectively clean your community. Don’t forget to tell your neighbors to stop contributing to polluting their own community as well!
  8. Teach. “It takes a village to raise a child” – African Proverb. Teachers inside and outside the classroom can work together to teach the leaders of tomorrow. We can also teach and guide each other through intellectual conversations. Let’s help each other to open our third eye!
  9. Respect.During this time of despair people are filled with emotions and are passionate about their opinions. It’s great to have debates, however, remember who you are fighting against!
  10. Love. Be patient and spread love.

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